Schools, Business, and Events

Slippery-RockClassic Ink USA will help transform your design ideas into a work of art. Our team of in-house artists and graphics designers will help your school organization, sports team or business group create a catchy new look for any occasion. All groups, teams and organizations are welcome to express their ideas at Classic Ink USA.

Years of experience has led the company down a long road of design work ranging from local area 5K races, to high school spirit nights, to regional ‘Bike Nights.’ Classic Ink USA has been involved with many of the region’s largest events, gatherings and festivals including the annual Bantam Jeep Festival, Waves of Thunder, Fort Armstrong Folk Festival, Riding for a Cure, and the Big Butler Fair. Classic Ink USA is heavily involved with the local and regional school districts – supplying fresh ‘spirit wear’ and ‘fan wear’ designs for all ages and grades.

Mayhem-on-the-MountainOur graphic designers and experienced embroidery staff will help your sports team or club team look presentable on and off the playing field. Everything from gym bags to gym shorts; team jackets to team head wear, Classic Ink USA has you covered. Contact us today for more details!